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Restoring Orwell: October 2015

October 8, 2015

James Sutherland, Brisbane

In the 1830s, much of Brisbane’s land and road infrastructure was built by convict labour. By the mid 1840s, wealthy free settlers began buying large portions of land. Particularly attractive were portions on hillsides, with a view across Moreton Bay or alternatively, the Brisbane river.

One of these free settlers was pastoralist James Sutherland, who purchased much of the land that now forms the suburbs of Hamilton, Eagle Farm and Ascot.

Sutherland built one of Ascot’s surviving and historically listed homes, Windermere.

Whilst undertaking a title search, I unearthed this certification for the portion of land where our Orwell now sits. It is the original Deed of Grant to James Sutherland, dated September 1855, stamped under the Seal of the Colony of New South Wales in the hand of Sir William Thomas Denison, Governor of the said Colony.

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