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The best mother’s day ever

May 9, 2007

Kids and Mother’s Day. They race around in secrecy, hand making cards or finishing school projects, ready to ‘surprise’ you with a googly-eyed wooden spoon, a plaster of Paris hand print, a sewed hessian tea cosy or similar. I confess to loving my lukewarm cup of tea in bed, and Vegemite with toast (and believe me, it’s a lot of Vegemite and not much toast). The hug. The look of anticipation. The bouncing on the end of the bed (usually resulting in spilled lukewarm tea) and wails of “open it mum, open it”.
This is my best ever Mother’s Day present. My little man made it when he was in year 3, I think. The two pieces come separate, but I loved it so much I found a frame that would take both papers at once, and this hangs very proudly in my hall.

Quite a nice likeness, don’t you think? I am particularly fond of my wide set eyes and green nose.

And the story – just delightful. A linguist in training.
“My Mum.
As nice as a Princess.
As soft as a teddy bear.
As bright as a star,
she’s just like me!”
So, only 2 more sleeps until my lukewarm cup of tea in and on the bed, the Vegemite with toast. The hug. The look of anticipation. The bouncing on the end of the bed and wails of “open it mum, open it”…. I wonder what they made this year?


  1. Meanwhile, on Mother’s Day, the EasternMax family will rise early and trudge off to Blossom’s soccer match. We have to be there by 7.45am… I hope they have a coffee cart.

  2. Ouch to the above – were the organisers raised by wolves?

    I got a birthday card the other day with such mushy stuff inside, and a “here is a million bucks cold hard cash” with a drawn picture of a few notes – ah, my child knows what I want!

  3. Your child has a very healthy ego.

    And your cat is a freak. A lovely freak but a freak all the same!

  4. And we have to be at soccer by 8.45am…and the field is about an hour’s drive away. Happy mothers’ day to me…

    There’s no accounting for cats’ tastes.

  5. Aaw shucks, how gorgeous.

    Love the self-esteem built in to that one. Bolstered by the FRAMING of said item!

    Mushrooms + cat? WTF?

  6. Happy Mother’s Day Alice, I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. I love your wild and woolly hair!

  8. Great mascara – it obviously separates AND thickens!

  9. It really can be odd, the things that cats like. My mother had a cat that had marmalade on toast every morning for breakfast. She also loved Cauliflower, but only when it was steamed! My mother, of course, provided these things for the cat.

    Love the Mother’s Day framed pic & poem.

  10. I do hope you soccer mums were rugged up well on Sunday. It was bloody cold up here, can imagne a few degrees less down your ways. Brrr!

    alice c – I have to wonder about the anti clumping formula of that mascara. :)

    meggie, sounds like your mother loved that cat. My previous cat, and before I had children, love frozen peas (but they had to be still frozen) and she would eat them, one at a time, from my hand, without touching my fingers. It was quite a delicate process!

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