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Cooking for Bachelors~ Ted Moloney & George Molnar; 1959

September 17, 2015


Country bookshops and second-hand stores. They get me every time. I’m the one flicking through the old cookbooks, rattling through kitchen ware and cutlery, looking for anything that speaks of the yesteryear when time seemed slower and a little more genteel. Sometimes I find things. Sometimes I don’t. This time, my luck held. The National Library of Australia tells me Cooking for Bachelors (1959), penned by Ted Moloney & George Molnar can be hard to get your hands on.  With Molnar’s somewhat risqué cartoons peppered through the text, and Moloney’s …

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The Commonsense Cookery Book: 1959 edition

September 15, 2015

Vinatge WillowTin, Vintage Recipe

The Commonsense Cookery Book, 1959 edition. Also a thrift shop find, this edition has the quirky addition of clipped and hand written recipes carefully stapled over food specked pages. This was a book that someone loved, and used – a lot. Who would part with such a gem? One of the things I love about vintage recipes is the quirkiness of the measurements. In the absence of exact science and precise measurements bakers call for today, there’s often reference to a bit of this, a dash of that, or a …

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Breakfast Cookery 1940

November 28, 2013


I’m meandering through another vintage cookbook. This time, it’s ‘The Commonsense Cookery Book compiled by the Public School Cookery Teachers Association of New South Wales’. Settle in, for I’m about to cook you breakfast. Beverages first. Cocoa,  Sir? Madame?  Please note we only serve real cocoa here, none of that sugary powdered drinking chocolate you’ll find in the next Century. Even good old Bournville will contain additional ingredients once it’s acquired by Cadbury. Need more of a caffeine hit? Of course, Sir. War rationing has commenced, so we are supplementing …

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